This piece from Duct Tape & Bubblegum goes right to the heart of what Karl Jaspers means by the concept of “shipwreck” in communication as well as what Edmund Husserl is doing in his work on experience & judgment. Well worth the read.

Duct Tape and Bubblegum

As a continuing reader of Duct Tape & Bubblegum, you’ll become an expert on Meatbagism, but for now, we’d like to reintroduce the subject as it is the axis around which our philosophy rotates. We realize that the use of the word “you” will become a bit confounding by the end of the post, but you’ll get it.

Meatbag Syndrome 101: The Meatbag’s Guide to Meatbagism

The idea of “you” is the story you chose to believe in based upon situations and circumstances that have conditioned your responses since birth. At any moment you can (if you chose to) divorce yourself of this narrative and contemplate a larger truth for your life. The idea of “you” (I, me) is based upon the consciousness that formed as the result of your biology being subjected to genetics, people and experiences. Most of these experiences are only cultural preferences that are further rooted…

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