Open Virtue, Closed Propriety: Considerations on Daoism and Bergsonism

No consideration of parallels between Daoism and Bergsonism has been accomplished. Yet there is a profitable comparison to be made between the ancient Chinese philosophy of the Dào Dé Jing and the more contemporary work of French philosopher Henri Bergson. Each philosophy concerns a creative force that flows through the material world. Furthermore, both philosophies arose during a bellicose period of ancient Chinese and modern European history. Finally, each understands the limits of language to say what is most important about reality. However, neither shrinks from sharing what can be shared in language to uncover a philosophical examination of life. This paper hopes to spur other thinkers toward engaging in a sustained dialog between Daoism and Bergsonism.

Spiders fly hundreads of miles on earth’s electric field

Every day, around 40,000 thunderstorms crackle around the world, collectively turning Earth’s atmosphere into a giant electrical circuit. The upper reaches of the atmosphere have a positive charge, and the planet’s surface has a negative one… Ballooning spiders operate within this planetary electric field. When their silk leaves their bodies, it typically picks up a negative charge. This repels the similar negative charges on the surfaces on which the spiders sit, creating enough force to lift them into the air.

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