CMM0013–ORDER OF FLO with Joy and Rivkah

Drawing on themes from queer theory and responding to COVID-19, “Order of Flo” playfully dances along the lines of destiny at the intersection of bodily motion and mindful emotion. Melting the presentations of drag, queer bodies, and weird minds, “Order of Flo” trans-imagines dance, tarot, poetry, and glossolalia. The evening welcomes a co-revelation of dancers thinking, philosophers moving, and audiences emerging.

The Emperor and Wyrding freedom: Surging beyond heteronormative tradition

My dissertating, to be authentic queer philosophizing, must be a Wyrd insurrection against the Emperor—the Pater Familias, the Patriarchy, the Toxic Masculine. My experiences over the last two years with a few older colleagues in professional philosophy informs me of how very much the “problem” of toxic patriarchy permeates our culture. If “thoughtful” folx—as purportedly philosophers should be—are capable of gaslighting themselves about the innocence of their motives, how could it not be at least as rampant in society at large, if not even more so. And I certainly make no claims to not having adopted a good deal of this behavior that needs excision. Therefore, it is not only a structural system to rise up against in my surroundings, but a instructed component built-into my very self. How often does this noxious figure of heteronormativity follow us into every life decision? Almost always.

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