Dialog #5 between Younger & Older

Y:Little father?

O:Ready little brother…

Y:Why did you drop out of college?

O:I wanted liberation from education.

Y:And colleges are in the business of education so you had to leave?

O:They are certainly very busy, aren’t they? But I think you misunderstood. I seek to be free from unnecessary confines. Education is a way of opening up what is closed.

Y:Oh! So you sought to find in education a kind of liberty?

O:Just so. The busy-ness of colleges & universities, like so many human institutions, aims at instructive adaptation not educative liberation.

Y:Must I leave college behind as well?

O:The shadow disappears at noon and at midnight. What time do you think it is now?


O:Just so.

Y:Thank you little father.


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