Doing nothing, all is done

From Acharya Pahndeepah’s own translation of the Dao de Jing.

Verse 47

Never venturing beyond the door, the world is always comprehended.
Never peering outside the window, the Beautiful Order is already envisioned.
The farther afield, the more uncanny.

Thus Readiness does not go, yet knows.
Does not look, yet sees.
Does not do, yet all is done.

Commentary: Nothing is outside; everything is inside.

Yet everything is outside your concept of reality because you have embraced Nothingness.

Never go outside Mindfulness, and you will comprehend the entire world.

Never look beyond now/here, and you will follow the All-Embracing-Way.

The farther you stray from ownmost possibility, the less ready you become.

Readiness resolutely awaits the Encompassing.

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