Luciano Floridi visiting Denton

I am very pleased that CSID has brought over this very interesting thinker, Luciano Floridi:

He will be giving a couple of public lectures while here and also addressing a few classes.

Here is a link for the two talks which will also get you to his abstracts:

AS you know, I judge academics on Socratic criteria:
Are they engaging so my “sign” will not tell me to avoid them?
Are they concerned not only with the academic success of their students but also with how well their students  are trying to keep philosophizing alive beyond the professional discipline?

I can report that Luciano Floridi meets these criteria. We were engaged in no time after picking him up from the airport. And we had a wonderful mind-walk (and actual walk) today on the subject of the profession and living the good life.

I hope to see a lot you Dallas-Fort Worth area folk up here for one or both of his talks which are free and open to the public.

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