Crowds & Groups

When does a community become a crowd?
When does a group become a communion?
Disconnected from neighbors
Dwelling in an area near by each other
Yet most alone when side by side
Dwindling spark of concern
Loving some closely
Loving most far away
Accepting this world of habits
Wherein drunkenness on words
Sobers the affectation of demon Rum
Talking talking talking
Singing singing singing
Put the conversation in verses
Slap a tune with backbeat
Gorge emptying out
River valley frozen empty
A finger tip on this decision
Moving yourself by pointing
Authority authorizes authority
Follow the waning moon
Escape to dark side seas
Trail the wan meaning
Capture star dust considerations
Laugh at yourself
Crowding into a bare sensibility
Shadow of community
On abandoned bar wall
Echoes of predictable
Silent diligence…
I am not

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