Really like this. Reminds me that to conspire means to-breath-with… there is a miasma that we refuse to speak about. Like how we refuse to really acknowledge the issues with pollution.


(A response to Brad DeLong’s lament about the feckless “moderate Republicans”, who may exist, but will never oppose the Republican Party).

Conservatives generally have always been willing to support the worst demagogues if that’s what’s needed. Hitler got a lot of support from people who despised him.

In the post mortem on the Late Great USA one chapter will be “Liberals Never Knew What Hit Them”. It’s a war, not a debate or an argument or a discussion or a negotiation. And the other side is organized and disciplined, and our side is wandering around in circles sucking their fingers.

“Organized”: actually, it’s a conspiracy but that word can’t be used. Hillary was right in every way. Many many players do not acknowledge which side they are on, but instead pretend to be thoughtful, concerned citizens and neutral professionals. Many flatly lie about their commitments and associations. Millions of dollars…

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