Textifying to the Encompassing Good

But we must philosophize in communication, carrying our words to each other through air & ether, building a library of wisdom.

Five years ago, after someone claimed that texting was a complete waste of time, I challenged myself:

Would it not be a wonderful exercise in perennial philosophy to come up with aphorisms in 160 characters or less?

I began to distill whatever I might be reading around in or talking about into regular TEXTIMONIES. I will soon be collecting a good portion of them into an e-book for Kindle. For a while, I have been collecting them here as well as sharing them on Facebook or via Twitter.

But sending them out via cell phone is still my favorite route. I love to Textify to the Sudden Brilliance of the Encompassing Good. Many times over the last years, I have received a sweet message back from a good brother or sister, a cherished cousin on the path, who found the synchronicity of a textimony just what he/she needed to make it through the day. And many of these kind folk have picked up the habit themselves and will send me their own textimonies.

Technoscientism need not limit our search for wisdom. It can aid us when actively pursued through engaged communication. We can take this constant creation of information & turn it toward a better knowledge of ourselves, this Beautiful Order, and Transcendent Being.

After five years of doing this and building up a direct mass text list of over 200 folks, today was the first time anyone ever asked to be permanently removed from my mass text list. I feel like on the whole that is a pretty good average.

If you would like to be added to my textimony list, just message me your cell number and your name. I will not sell your phone number or contact information to a third party. I will not send you any offers or anything other than a textimony.

Or, just keep reading the text messages here as they pop up.

Whichever way you decide to read these small meditations, I hope you will be sure to share with me your own textimonies.

Tranquilitas et bonum good brothers & sisters of the ethernet!

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