Garbage and Gravitas Continued

I would like to thank my good brother & cherished cousin Carl Beck Sachs for this longer quote from Adorno which really nicely situates the article on Ayn Rand that I posted a while ago. I think it really speaks to how pop culture makes us okay with a kind of violent struggle. And this, of course, allies Adorno with the elucidation of boundary situations I quoted from Jaspers a few days ago as well:

The struggle against mass culture can consist only in pointing out its connection with the persistence of social injustice. It is ridiculous to reproach chewing gum for diminishing the propensity for metaphysics, but it could probably be shown that Wrigley’s profits and his Chicago palace have their roots in the social function of reconciling people to bad conditions and thus diverting them from criticism. It is not that chewing gum undermines metaphysics but that it is metaphysics — this is what must be made clear.

Theodor Adorno, “Aldous Huxley and Utopia”, in Prisms, p. 109. [Emphasis in the original]

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