Quora answer: What is the value of accepting paradoxes in life? « thinknet

I thought I would clarify the nature of paradox in relation to superrationality. Paradox is mixture, it is where there is mixture between contradictory opposites. However, superrationality is when you have two things at the same time but they do not mix. Generally speaking paradox is like entanglement in Quantum Mechanics and suprarationality is like superposition.

Superrationality and Paradox are the two limits of Plato’s Divided Line in the Republic. The divided line has two halves: Ratio and Doxa (Reason and Opinion). Each of these two are also divided in two. There is groundless and grounded opinion. And there is representational intelligibles and non-representational ones. Now what he does not mention but what we can surmise is that the limit of the ratio is the supra-rational, and the limit of doxa is paradox. Thus we have two extreme opposites which themselves are nihilistic. However, the suprarational limit is in fact nondual and corresponds to existence interpreted as emptiness or void. Paradox on the other hand is related to Being which is the greatest paradox because it means something different to everyone and nobody knows what it really means, and it is both the emptiest and the most full question. So we get this nonintuitive result that Being is on one side of the divided line, the side of opinion and existence is on the other side related to reason.

via Quora answer: What is the value of accepting paradoxes in life? « thinknet.

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