A Boon of Dandelions 1

A Boon of Dandelions

48 Revolutions Round Sol… 4 X 12 cycles, from the Year of the Green Wood Dragon to the Year of the Black Water Dragon.

Maybe this “mind,” maybe this “I” is but a phantom radical of some complicated fleshly life filled with so many material wonders there should be great care–not too quick, slow down–before taking hope, leaping into or hopping down upon, the unseen. Yet flesh-itself becomes invisible on recognizing its own being as a source.

Such truth writes itself in the rhizomes and the channels. We cannot know the sourcing ground–if there even is a first that all-else follows, sub-sequences… maybe we can explore the roots and the arteries…

The tendrils break free of the earth stretching from the bank into the creek, brushing the water, that flows to muddy river which runs to vast ocean which whips upward to slow clouds which rain & snow as stillness in cold glaciers which melt in trickles & gushers to the creek where such roots seek a source.

Not an eternal circle of being yet a chronic cycle of life.

…Dandelion seed floats on the waters to the fertile, black earth…

Blossoming existence.


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