A Boon of Dandelions 5

Creatures of emotion. & passion… reason is not our better power but our guiding power, our focus & adjustment.

To sense, to cognize,  to remember, to imagine, to judge, to believe: these are all ways that we reason. Brought together in mindfulness honed by decisive purpose, our emotions ground us in the world while our passions connect us to transcendence. Without such resoluteness, our emotions disconnect us from this Beautiful Order even as our passions sink us in despair.

So, perceive with all of your senses. Conceive the most simple paths. Remember the way home. Imagine the open horizon. Judge with a mind to how each thing both reflects & connects all others. Believe in the Encompassing Good.

All of this synchronizes our emotive power and passionate strength so that we neither interfere with the flow of the world nor the authentic process of our self-realization.

Thus Socrates, Laozi & all the sages teach a parallel path: letting go of the unnecessary and sustaining ourselves in the generative flow between Heaven & Earth. This is the activity of non-bafflement.

Have you never seen that it is we who are baffled and baffling, not this Beautiful Order?

Because we interpose ourselves into all things, indeed proliferate a cacophony of things by ever finer distinctions, all we ensure is a dangerous domination leading to utter distention–stretched so thin in our desire to be certain & in-control that we obliviate the Way.

In such a state, emotion frenzies, passion multiplies, and reason tyrranizes.

And all we accompish? Dominating our better selves while destroying friendships, society, & nature.  

Mindful of how reason profitably embraces emotion & passion through decisive purpose, fear diminishes while desire reaches only for that freedom which is the transcendent possibility of this Beautiful Order.


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