Racial Excuses Already

Election night is not even over and Bill O’Reilly already sets the stage for the resentment parade. At first I was going to go through and take it on point by point. But it literally began to make me feel hopeless. Fox News panders to the worst aspects of our nature.

They are fear mongers and, I am saying this for the first time EVER online or in print because I don’t usually go this far–RACISTS. They are not even trying to hide the race baiting excuses. They are going all the way in lamenting the death of White America. They are saying that the only people who would have voted for Barack Obama are special interest groups who want to get a free ride from the government, who want things that they can only afford if the government takes from hard working white people and gives to lazy people of color–I am assuming that they mostly mean African Americans because any other time they would be talking about how hard working Latinos are.

Well, if you want to hear for yourself…


  1. Yes, they spew hatred and fear. But the people who regularily listen to FOX do so because that station tells them what they want to hear, so the fact FOX lies so very often becomes irrelevant. Their audience isn’t looking for facts. They are people filled with fear, fear of change and anything/anyone who is different from them. And they seem to feel that they’ll have whatever it is they feel is theirs, taken away from them. It is disheartening that a majority of them consider themselves Christian, yet their words and actions are anything but.

    1. It is so disheartening… I feel like Obi Wan Kenobi watching Anakin going over to the Dark Side everytime I hear another family member or acquaintance repeat something said on that channel. And I looked up the statistics… it is not eve possible for 50% of America to be non-white. “White” people still make up over 72% of the population. Fear of the other… ugly.

      1. Yeah. I heard they also had a lot of Tea Partiers mostly showing up in strong numbers to watch polls that were heavily African American… you know… make sure none of that Voter Fraud that is so prevalent can happen.

  2. And what THINGS do you think Romney’s most influential supporters think they are entitled to, Bill? The THINGS that Romney’s friends want will cost the American people a hell of a lot more than any social program. The difference is you believe that “traditional” (wink-wink) Americans actually deserve what they want but those “changing demographics” (winkity-winky) should shut up, sit down and listen to their betters.

    Corey Robin has it right: conservatives from Edmund Burke to Bill O’Reilly have many differences–libertarians, authoritarians, evangelicals, free-market fetishists–but there is one common thread: defense of privilege against democratic challenges from below. O’Reilly is one of the best examples of this. The other striking example is the currently unfolding attack on democracy in Florida and Ohio.

  3. What really bugs me, is that the rich backing the candidates are all about ‘things’. They want us to buy ‘things’ that make them richer, and us poorer. Reversed psychology. So, take out the racial eugenics talk, and then it becomes clear that they do not want at least 50% of the Americans to have anything but ‘things’, and work harder for it. The things that most people can afford are worthless, cell phones that are produced to break down within 1 or 2 years, notebooks that are produced to be replaced withing 3 years. Also the overpriced cars, houses with inflate prices that come with an even more so inflated mortgage. On and on. Those are ‘things’ that the government heavily promotes for everyone to have through the media…
    So, what should people really fight for? Let us start with… land. That simple? Yup. It is the land that feeds us, that we build are houses on for shelter. We pay taxes, but we do not own our land?! It is being handed out to big corporations and government agencies? What happens when they stop ‘providing’ us the food that they grow on OUR land? What happens when they tell us to move our house, because they ‘need’ the land it is built on?Cell phones, cars, houses, wll be of little use then. They want us to be distracted with the pursuit of ‘things’, instead of seeing through their scams. Just my two cents…

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