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Good advice from Ellis Nelson on how we who love to read & think about what we have read can help those who are publishing their works with smaller firms:

1. Support small presses and indie writers by  selecting  and reading their books. Often small presses cater to a niche or special interest (many times in subjects which larger houses won’t touch because of small marketing numbers).

2. Suggest books you like to your friends and family. Readers create buzz for books.

3. Write a short review on Amazon or Goodreads. A few kind words can make all the difference.

via HELP AN AUTHOR | ellisnelson.


  1. Great advice. I think small presses are the answer to the self-publishing/ trad publishing debacle for authors. As a reader, I do my best to tweet/ spread word, host guest posts etc for authors.

    1. Yes, this is extremely important. There are so many avenues now for our works to get published, but it is crucial that we cultivate a community of sentiment that offers honest criticism and mutual support.

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