Political Gnosticism & Far Right Wing Implosion

The Uncanny surprises Little Miss Moffet over her LEFT shoulder.

Oh, America… your ultra right wing folk have utterly melted down.

This gent offers a “stiff-upper-lip comrades, we shall soldier on to save the barbarians from themselves” on the one hand and then succumbs to utter doom on the other. Really,  just more of the same witch-hunt BS with which moderate Americans are fed up.

Yes, the far right believe that they are the only ones with “consistent” values. They believe that they are the only ones with the “rational” ability to see the reality of our world. They believe that they are the only ones whose “righteous indignation” is justified.

I call the interlocking of these particular self-reflective-beliefs Political Gnosticism.

Like many of the religious sects to which a good portion of the far right belong, there is an idea of an experiential know-how & a spiritual knowledge that has been imparted. This fits well with the hedgehog phenomenon I noticed for the first time going back to the 1996 election cycle. The right was more & more becoming dependent on a kind of catechism which all members knew & repeated ad nauseum. This structure allows Jews, Catholics & Protestants–even Mormons–to meld their religious training and their political activism. And like the Manicheans of old, these neo-Gnostics–who technically should care less about the material world–keep trying to force the world of flesh to obey the revealed Gnosticism of the spirit. (I would expect better from orthodox Catholics than to work with neo-Gnostics, but as Warner tells us “politics makes strange bedfellows”).

Nope! Not by a long shot. Nevertheless, these political gnostics will continue their caterwauling about the end of our traditions and our “Christian” values or the “white establishment“. A few more election cycles of this shrill non-sense, and moderate Republicans and most independents will realize that the far right has become utterly unhinged.

The search for scapegoats always attends political defeat, and Republicans have no shortage of candidates for the role, beginning with Todd Akin, whose ill-considered remarks about “legitimate rape” during an August interview set off a nationwide demand that he quit as the GOP nominee against Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri. Akin went down to ignominious defeat Tuesday, as did Indiana’s Richard Mourdock, who upset Republican Sen. Richard Lugar in the primary but then imploded after making Akin-esque comments about rape and abortion. Perhaps pro-life groups should sponsor a training session for political candidates, teaching them how to answer “gotcha” questions without either ceding anything to the abortion lobby or offending voters with off-the-cuff comments about rape. But Akin and Mourdock were just two names on a long list of bloodbaths for GOP Senate candidates, a massacre that also defeated Republican candidates in Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Maine, Massachusetts and elsewhere.

The very fact that the author calls questions to which neo-Gnostic conservatives make bad answers inherent “gotcha” inquiries speaks loads to the worldview we are dealing with here.

Continuing to read the rest of this trite gnosticism @The American Spectator : Doomed Beyond All Hope of Redemption.

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  1. Christians have been captured by the political right because they haven’t been taught how to evaluate their own spiritual knowledge; they can’t evaluate what it isn’t and in that way, also can’t confidently say what it is. It’s sad, I’m glad to see you talking about this.

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