Gas Fracking Survey

One of the great aspects of my job at the University of North Texas is that I get to work with a plethora of really bright young minds. Currently visiting UNT from Bard College is Jordan Michael Kincaid. A super motivated young man with a real future ahead of him, IMHO, Jordan is currently conducting an important survey on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.

I  know that all of my friends in the ether can spare less than 10 minutes out of their day to help Jordan by taking his survey.

You can read about his goals for this research on his blog…

Dear energy consumers,

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” for natural gas plays an important role in the debate about our energy future. As an energy consumer, you may have beliefs about, or beliefs that relate to, the use of hydraulic fracturing technology. Given the prominence of natural gas in today’s energy discourse, I am using my Master’s thesis at the Bard Center for Environmental Policy to study the political and ideological dimensions of hydraulic fracturing…

via tothesungod | Environmental philosophy, politics, policy, and solar energy technology.

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