The end of the university « Andrew Taggart

Nice meditation on a favorite subject of mine: where exactly higher education may be going in the globalized Society of Control. Taggart asks some good questions and is moving toward an intriguing elucidation:

…any serious threat to the status quo may do more than show that it presents a novel solution. More importantly, it reveals that the system in place–thought to be given, assumed to be strong, seemingly here forever–is weak, has exploitable weaknesses, and that other solutions may be more workable. In this sense, the challenge is an invitation for others to do their own thing and try things out, a cracking open of unforeseen but now explorable possibilities. If, for instance, the way that we conceive of education is now being brought into question (a claim made a while ago by Ivan Illich but not taken all that seriously–did we then have ears to hear?), then the possibilities for how education might look can be explored with a sense of serious playfulness.

via The end of the university: Udacity’s mounting case « Andrew Taggart.

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