The Widening Divide Between Wall Street and Washington |

Interesting op/ed at from the Curious Capitalist. Corporate finance is global. Politics remains local. Situating ourselves within the dialectic betwixt economics & policy is very much an important affair in facing up to the Society of Control & its encoding of the Book of Life.

Washington exists on a different planet than Wall Street and that planet has different laws of gravity. The first law is that while finance is global, politics is local. Wall Street looks at Europe and sees what three years of delays and half measures in dealing with the Eurozone budget crisis has wrought — another recession. Surely, the thinking goes, leaders in Washington won’t let that happen here. But a new set of possibly more conservative House Republicans isn’t looking across the Atlantic, but to their home districts, where they’ll be facing the next round of primary elections in two years. They may have taken some Wall Street campaign money, but they aren’t taking orders from the Street on a debt deal, no matter what the markets do. “Policy makers aren’t doing this with a sharp pencil. They are just worrying about slogans,” said hedge fund honcho Ray Dalio at a recent Council on Foreign Relations meeting.

via The Widening Divide Between Wall Street and Washington |

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