Philosophical Art


Practicing philosophy in the contemporary world is a daunting task. Knowledge has grown significantly in the past century. It overwhelms us. Developments in markets, media, medicine, technology, theory, data, discourse, politics, power, war, wealth, genetics, robots, chemicals, poverty, pollution, ecology and economy have exploded. Specialized disciplines have concentrated and compartmentalized their knowledge making some discoveries especially in technology, so complicated only the experts understand them. The sheer diversity of knowledge can paralyze analysis.

The rehabilitation of paralysis is the task of philosophy. In an age of worldview proliferation, where every view is a view, where the infinite withdraw of meaning makes both the mundane and extraordinary matters of capital – in this age the world is in desperate need for orientations strong enough to honor past worlds and flexible enough to grow new ones. The gift of philosophical art begins inside the precession of knowledge, on the verge of risk…

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