R&Ex’s 500th Post: The Student Debt Crisis

Thanks to all of those who have been reading this blog and spurring me on to keep posting. The other day I passed 10,000 views. And today is another milestone: the 500th post.

I wanted to be sure and pick something that I believe highlights the generational issues of Boomers handing off our culture to the Millenials. I don’t think anything focuses on the perils of this situation better than the student debt crisis.

As I pointed out earlier today, the “booster” spirit which possesses our civilization has gotten into every nook & cranny of our collective psyche. This includes the way we move our youth through the pseudo-obligations of higher education. The promises of monetary reward & the power of positive thinking are blinding us to how youth are leveraging their future.

What you see below is not sustainable. How could it be?

America's student debt crisis - The Week

America’s student debt crisis – The Week.

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