Conservative Progress & Same-Sex Marriage

I suppose in the circles that Matalin travels in, this would be considered uber-progressive. It def is a kind of progress.

Republican political strategist Mary Matalin must have finally gotten the message that a growing number of Americans support marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples. On ABC’s This Week, as the show discussed the Supreme Court’s decision to weigh in on the matter, Matalin softened her opposition and said that the pattern of children born out of wedlock was “more problematic” for society than two men or two women getting married.

Previously, Matalin has defended “traditional marriage” and said that marriage equality was not a “civil rights issue.” But on Sunday, Matalin opted to fall back on the argument that unwed parents, not gays and lesbians, are leading to the downfall of American morality

via Conservative Pundits: Accepting Same-Sex Marriage Is Common Sense | ThinkProgress.

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