Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes ~ Wintersleep

seventy six

When did we forget, dreams? Gratitude of miracles, magnificent. And mundane. Every day, adventure. Freedom. A life, lived. Alive. Connected to all, that is. Throbbing blood drum, earth beneath. Our bare, feet. Wonder of, water. Essential, air. Nature, sustains. Spirit, spark. Divine light, within each. All part, of one. Beautiful, whole.

Yet, we forget. Our truth. See presence, of prisons. Iron bars, separated. A prism, split. The door, unlocked. An open, invitation. To step, through. And clear. Choose, to see. Unknown equals, possibility. Heed, the call.

Wild soul, run! Run, from chains. Shackles: labels, boxes. Limiting and small. Cruel, safe cages.  Illusion, fatal fear. Lack. Mass marketed, need. Remember, your roots. Your truth, a key. You are, already. Free.


“Our existence has serious side effects…”

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