Viewpoint: Why Al Jazeera’s Entry into the U.S. Is a Good Thing |

If you say, consider the source and their “overlords,” I’ll say, “I will do that with this station just as do with Fox & MSNBC… whose “overlords” have their own biases that they keep shoving down our throats.”

I’ve caught a lot of really good reporting on Al Jazeera over the last three years. Since I do not intend to limit myself to this one outlet (always the sign of a sociopolitical idiot), I’m not too worried about being “brainwashed” (ugh… Bill O-fracking-Reilly: what do you really bring to our civil discourse? certainly not civility).

Even if it never achieves top ratings in the U.S., Al Jazeera has in many senses already stolen a march on mainstream American competitors. For example, Al Jazeera English’s Washington-based social media news show “The Stream” is the progenitor of other internet broadcasts such as HuffPost Live that may well become the norm in the decades to come. Yesterday, as detractors elsewhere bloviated over Al Jazeera’s mythical terrorist ties, The Stream hosted famous epistemologist Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan. The show’s anchors quizzed him on systems of governance and the political dysfunction behind the fiscal cliff with the help of myriad viewers who joined in via a Google hangout or on Twitter. Questions came from a remote town in western Texas, New York City and many places in between. Al Jazeera knows that there’s already an American audience for a serious news network that manages to be at once both local and global. And it also knows there’s no other major American news network capable of matching that feat.

via Viewpoint: Why Al Jazeera’s Entry into the U.S. Is a Good Thing |

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