Travels of Bogie

Expressionism is one of the most intense, amazing periods of art—for my money. One of the reasons that to see as many of the world’s art museums as possible is high on my bucket list. What make the expressionists exceptional is that they search beyond the most basic and universally held ideas of beauty for those elements that can make a statement beyond the expected. Often surprising or profound and, sometimes, beautiful. Color. Movement. Form. And, composition, for example. The expressionist artist takes these specific elements or just one and explores it, expands it, transforms it. Some people are confused by this. Sometimes, the important thing in beauty is not understanding but recognizing the feeling or astonishment or delight the artwork stimulates. All these things are beautiful–to me.


Googling “expressionism” will broaden your mind. Yesterday, I found German artist, Karin Kuhlmann. She creates digital art. That’s right. These pieces…

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