I am not all that concerned by athletes being allowed to use steroids and other methods. Whether the use of perfromance enhancers is good or bad, this or that, is beside the point here.
At issue is excellence of character. Using PEHs are against the rules; if you want to be a professional athlete you, like any amateur, have to follow the rules.
Moreover, and really in some ways much more important than if a person is the kind who cheats & lies, Armstrong HURT and ABUSED people who called him out for doing what he actually had done. He ruined the reputation and the finances of many people. By these acts, he does demonstrate as true the notion that how honestly a person plays a game or a sport does say something about his/her character. Armstrong is a person who puts winning above all, a person who obsesses over the honor that comes to a winner above the duty owed to friends, and a person who is actually nothing more than a criminal as he perpetrated fraud after fraud and perjured himself again and again.


Did you watch Oprah last night?

Yeah, I know… who didn’t?

The interview with Lance Armstrong was everything I expected and less. Yes, I expected him to admit it. However, he isn’t sorry— instead, he actually seemed proud of what he has done. Did you see that smirk? Or the lame attempt at humor not one minute into it?

Let me be the first to tell you right now that he’s going to get away with this. Maybe not in the official courts– there is every possibility that the DOJ is still going to come after him for the Postal Service money. However, in the court of public opinion, this man is going to walk free.

Why? Because this story doesn’t involve sex.

American society is downright obsessed with sex and every scandal that involves it. Bill Clinton. John Edwards. Mark Sanford. Larry Craig. Mark Foley. David Petraeus. And now…

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