My good brother Will H. has been out in his long johns taking in the beauties of nature. Thanks buddy!


snowflakes and Salt Creek frozen around stone

Sticking with the program, I have been out on a number of excursions into the cold, cold winter woods.  There has been no snow, which is a drag, because I was really hoping to get some idyllic snowy shots this winter…but alas, it’s either not cold enough to it rains, or it’s bone dry and bone cracking frigid outside.  Well, it hasn’t been that bad, but a lil’ hyperbole now and again is good for affect.

It has been pretty chilly, though, and the winter photography and note taking is made more difficult by this fact.  It’s basically a matter of frozen fingers.  I can’t write with gloves, nor can I manipulate all those dials and buttons on the camera without hitting something I didn’t intend.  So, I remove the gloves, or try fingerless gloves and my fingers freeze.  I guess this is part of the challenge, and I’m…

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