1/24/13 – 7th period, Honors Calculus

I am trapped in an ocean of meaningless conversation, floating on a door of unfulfillment. It has a brass handle.

I drift in and out of consciousness with the up and down of the swells. Rage at my vacuous surroundings pins me down like a red rose in the mouth of a seductive exotic dancer leaves a suburban house wife helpless.

I am bottled, trapped by the ignorance and lack of creativity of my world. I am hurtling through an academic cosmos, waiting for gravity to grab me by the ankle, but it never does. At least, not yet. I remain in limbo, above my surroundings, while out of reach of what lies ahead.

I open my arms to the blackness, waiting for an icy revival of my numbed exterior, but all I experience is the numbing of my mind and soul as well. I open my mouth to scream, but nothing comes out except the answer to a math problem.


If I am x, what do I equal?

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