Welcoming Generation Y

Some of you probably have noticed that the posts over the last few days have appeared to be the journals of a high school student.

That is because they are.

It has long been an intention of mine to open up the page for folks from the Millennial generation to share their thoughts and concerns.

I want to foster a place in the Ether where youth in high school and college can express themselves on their existential situation. This is to provide more experience on branding themselves.

OMG, did he just say that? Yes, in fact, I did. It is important in the Society of Control to establish your own brand so you are not quickly consumed by & subsumed within the megabrands of the global finance capital markets.

Either you control the flow of information through your own node in the network or you become a mere controlled micronode for larger banks of information.

Don’t think I am being paranoid for them or for you. Everywhere I look online to discover what the sociological & anthropological info is on Gen-Y, what mostly shows up are marketers trying to figure out how to get into the head of this generation coming into adulthood.

So this experiment relies on giving feedback and encouragement to Millennials for a short time while they decide exactly what kind of blogging/social media that they want to really engage. This should disclose more lines of flight & multidirections of opportunity to them. After the basics are picked up and pros/cons are thought through, each can make an informed decision and hit the e-ground running. We must do all we can to help Generation Y avoid becoming merely de facto encoders for the Book of Life.

So I hope, good brothers & sisters of the Ether, you will provide your insights, encouragement, and feedback when our young friends share the lifeworld from their point of view.

Toward that end, I would like to welcome my good brother Demonax23 to Reason & Existenz… good blogging my friend!




Image Source: socialcitizens.org via Billhighway on Pinterest


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