Translation of a beautiful poem with comments by my new brother in Christ Jason. Enjoy!

Writing Finger

María Teresa González     Sweet dreams

???????????????????????????????Have sweet dreams
Even if they are not of me
And you are not at my side.
May the gods favour you
With a rich harvest where
Love is handsomely sown.
On your journey find the best path
For your light feet.
May there be leafy glades on the way
To shade you from the sun
That dawns on dazzling mornings
After the slow rosy fingers
Of sunrise.
May you be able to achieve the divine gift
Of surprise
Faced with facts,
Even when they seem childish.
May everything that time
Writes upon your skin
Leave you fresh and new.
May your senses burn alive
Incandescent flame,
And may you love,
And when you have to suffer, be brave.
Wisdom to your hands
In learning how to love,
Summoning the contorted faces of love.
Always have
A radiant smile,
An encouraging word

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