The Struggle for Susiya

In this context of legal impunity for settler attacks and military-sponsored land theft, Susiya’s villagers, often accompanied by Palestinian, Israeli and international activists, have maintained a consistent pulse of resistance, always rebuilding the homes from the ruins left behind and demanding a modicum of justice despite the prevalence of its opposite. Their peaceful struggles have always been greeted with nothing less than Israeli military brutality.

In an attempt to raise awareness, Breaking the Silence, an Israeli NGO employing former soldiers who now oppose the occupation, regularly takes tours of Israelis and internationals to visit and meet Susiya’s Khawaja family. Another NGO, Shooting Back, has distributed handheld cameras to  Susiya and other villages so they can document settler violence. Others NGOs such as Combatants for Peace, Solidarity Sheikh Jarrah, and Rabbis for Human Rights also work in solidarity.

via Palestine’s Front Line: The Struggle for Susiya | Palestine Note.


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