A blog about the Gen Y’s experience as they come to adulthood. Worth keeping an eye, I believe.
“…Drive All Night is not a collection of Horatio Alger tales for Generation Y. It’s a look at success that also takes into account the diversity of Millennial experience. Privilege, poverty and circumstance allow each of us different doorways in life, and my goal is to go through as many of those doors as possible; challenging those who would attempt to generalize Millennials based upon the lifestyles of their own niche.”


Drive All Night

Dear friends,

Welcome to Drive All Night: aka, what I’ve been working on for the past five months!

Whether you’ve been directed here through Facebook stalking, a referral from friends, or a web search for Bruce Springsteen concert videos, I’m beyond thrilled to finally announce this project publicly. For Drive All Night is a double-headed beast: a blog, but also, a forthcoming book about the tribulations and triumphs of Millennial-aged Americans.

Since the premise and context of this project have already been explored in the pages above (see About and Millennials to catch up), I’d like to take this inaugural post as an opportunity to provide a more personal window into the motivation behind Drive All Night.

197996_1009052026884_4328_nAs a kid in suburban Massachusetts, I was fortunate enough to grow up in an intrepidly-minded household. What my parents didn’t have in money, they made up for in spirit. Creativity…

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