Oppression and the Lie of Ommission

The celebrity trolls who currently reign on commercial television, who bill themselves as liberal or conservative, read from the same corporate script. They spin the same court gossip. They ignore what the corporate state wants ignored. They champion what the corporate state wants championed…. The cable shows, whose hyperbolic hosts work to make us afraid self-identified liberals or self-identified conservatives, are part of a rigged political system, one in which it is impossible to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, General Electric or ExxonMobil. These corporations, in return for the fear-based propaganda, pay the lavish salaries of celebrity news people, usually in the millions of dollars. They make their shows profitable… what matters now is likability—known in television and advertising as the Q score—not honesty and truth. Television news celebrities are in the business of sales, not journalism. They peddle the ideology of the corporate state. And too many of us are buying. The lie of omission is still a lie. It is what these news celebrities do not mention that exposes their complicity with corporate power.

via The Day That TV News Died | Common Dreams.



  1. Oh how much I agree with this one. Some celebrities seemed so like cool and smart and later they have exposed themselves to be so stupid regarding politics and spread more ignorance. Regarding Liberals or Conservatives to me those are two extremes and the same evil only with different masks. There is no balance in their philosophies. They have totally confused people about MORALITY and ETHICS. Decadence is considered open mindedness by Liberals and who ever wants to question it is called a BIGOT… Conservatives instead are total Feudalists…But yeah these two are so perverted that in the end it seems like they have reached the same conclusion about life, they are so poisonous to society its just beyond everything normal.

  2. Buddha identified *both* the individual and the social system as a cause of suffering. These clowns just focus on one as their favorite team.. Assimilation of the other’s position is a no-no as it would cause cessation of the infinite nattering.

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