“Ode to Joy”

S.'. E.'. F.'.

And yet we cannot dispense with Special Relativity either, because the mathematics there is equally flawless and the experiments are legion that confirm it. Two solutions have been proposed and both assume that the “communication” involved in Bellian transmissions does not involve energy, since it is energy that cannot move faster than light. Dr. Edward Harris Walker suggests that what does move faster than light, and holds the Whole System together, is “consciousness.” We may eventually be forced to accept this, in which case physics will have justified pantheism or at least panpsychism. The other alternative, proposed by Dr. Jack Sarfatti, is that the medium of Bellian transmissions is information. Pure information, in the mathematical sense, does not require energy; it is that which orders energy. It is the negative of entropy, that which brings disorder to energy systems. Dr. Sarfatti explains his theory as follows:

‘Imagine that your brain is a computer, as modern neurology suggests. Now imagine that the whole universe is a…

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