Hymn to Pleasure

Glorialana Magazine

Hello God!

Thank You for Friday. Today is going to be your happy Friday because we will immerse in the city of pleasure. This is Vienna. I have been in Vienna and I must say this city is the hymn to pleasure and “the only city in the world which would have been unthinkable without music”.

Tram-pa-pa Tram-pa-pa, of course, we are feeling the rhythm and joyful motive of Waltz. And I am sure in 99% we are singing some melodies from Johann Strauss II masterpieces. Strauss wrote over 400 waltzes, one of them mirrors the mood of Vienna: “Wine, Women and Song”!

“Wine, Women and Song” is a hendiatris that endorses hedonistic lifestyles or behaviors. In modern times, it is usually seen in the form “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.” (Hendiatris is a figure of speech used for emphasis, in which three words are used to express one idea…

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