Genesis: Whip of the Wild God – Part I

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mira prabhu

tantra-chakrasNeither of us being in the mood for the frenetic end-of-year partying for which Manhattan is justly famed, a friend and I decided to spend the last few days of 1993 at Ananda Ashram in upstate New York.

It was stunningly beautiful in that snow-blanketed part of the world, and I was immensely grateful for this brief respite. You see, after years of trying every damn thing to make my marriage work, I had finally left my partner of fourteen years. All I carried away with me were my clothes, some furniture, a precious collection of books and music, and the invisible festering wounds of what felt like a major failure. 

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  1. Keith — love your title – Existential Entrepreneur — it would suit me as well! And thank you so much for spreading the word about my blog post….I write for everyone on the path and I am thrilled when others enjoy the efforts I (and my friend Raj, who puts the whole blog together) make….Om Shanti!!! (If you can, please tell your followers that they can subscribe directly to my blog by FOLLOWING me — button on right side of blog — by entering their email address.)

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