Midsummer Days


Heading, slowly north from under the cloud. As the road stretches, the sun breaks through. Heat seeps down and reflects up from the ground.

Wild rose and elder
The bones deep in my belly
Warm and relax.
Lazy summer clouds.

By nine
The hills are hidden
Light rain by the lake
Swifts dancing low

By ten
The day dips
A long twilight,
Undecided whether
It will leave or stay.
Ducks glide over the waters.

A moment only
The lime trees by the stream
Seem to radiate light
Before a sudden,
Most certain darkness.

The earth, at last,
Chooses the sleep of night.
The sky, though,
Still open eyed,
Too awake for stars.


Solstice morning.
Lost amongst sweeping cloud
The sudden breeze makes rain
Under every tree.

Rested upon ripples
By degrees peace infiltrates.
Ducks line the lake shore.



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