St. Maelruains

Ed Mooney Photography


On the Edge of Tallaght village lies Saint Maelruain’s Church, and whilst not a ruin it is a stunning church and there are some very interesting items within its grounds. There is no definite date available as to when Tallaght was founded. It is believed to have been during the reign of King Donnchadh which was from 766-792. When the patron saint, St.Maelruan arrived in the area around 770, there was a small abbey in Tallaght known as Tamlactense Monasterium. Christian worship has continued on this site for over twelve hundred years since the Celtic saint, Maelruain, founded a monastery here in the 8th century. This monastery became an important centre of spiritual life where the Ceilí Dé (also known as Culdees, or the servants of God) had their headquarters The church lies on the site of an ancient monastery founded in the eight century by Maelruain. St. Maelruain died…

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