Gospel of Thomas – Yale Online

Part of being a self directed learner who seeks out what interests you and hopefully makes you a better person, is finding bits and pieces of solid thinking on line. And so much sift through! There are a gajillion bits of data, only a part of that is information, and only a very tiny part of that is solid thinking.

And another aspect of self directed solutions for hackig your education is sharing what you find with your good brothers and sisters throughout the Ether.

If you are interested in Gnosticism, the development of the Bible as Canon, or the diversity of Early Christianity, you should find this particular lecture has some good content.

Content Guide:

00:00 – Chapter 1. The Nag Hammadi Codices and Thomasine Literature
10:35 – Chapter 2. The Sayings of the Gospel of Thomas
28:15 – Chapter 3. Proto-orthodoxy and “Gnosticism

We have known of the existence of the Gospel of Thomas from ancient writers, but it was only after the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Codices that the actual text became available. The Gospel of Thomas is basically a collection of sayings, or logia, that sometimes seem similar, perhaps more primitive than sayings found in the canonical Gospels. Sometimes, however, the sayings seem better explained as reflecting a “Gnostic” understanding of the world. This involves a rejection of the material world and a desire for gnosis, a secret knowledge, in order to escape the world and return to the divine being.

via 8. The Gospel of Thomas – YouTube.

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