What’s your favorite painting by Van Gogh?

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This is one of my favorite paintings ever done by Van Gogh.  Pictured is a windmill in Montmartre, France where he spent a good deal of time not only because he loved the scenery and the people, but also because it was cheap living.  🙂  I saw the painting in an art museum once and for some reason it stuck with me throughout the rest of the exhibition.  Maybe it’s the colors of green, yellow, and blue that attract me to this piece.

However, I think it’s due to just a teeny tiny bit more.  The way it draws you into the scene: the foreground is all green grass and as we move to the background, the scene becomes busier, but smaller and smaller in detail.  It’s like Van Gogh is making us chase the life that he could see on that simple little hill, and the chase, knowing that…

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