I am utterly disgusted by this.

Last year, at the Colorado state high-school wrestling tournament, three upperclassmen from Norwood cornered a 13-year-old boy on an empty school bus, bound him with duct tape and sodomized him with a pencil. Two of the attackers were sons of Robert Harris, the wrestling coach, who was president of the school board. The victim’s father was the K-12 principal.

via I Should Be Laughing: A Boy In Norwood Colorado Is Raped And The Town Blames Him.

I often criticize the way that we have criminalized youth behavior. There are many times that I hear about harmless pranks whipped up and treated like  crimes. This, of course, ruins the future of the youth who were charged.

But whether an action is harmless “prank” or a harmful “prank”, I am flabbergasted that anybody could consider what happened in this case to be a prank. I would not even consider this to be bullying.

This is simply TORTURE.

He was abducted–a child of 13 by youth almost of legal age. Taken to a secluded place in an unused bus. Held against his will. And molested.

Then he had the wonder of watching his father be made completely powerless by the superintendent, the school board, and the townsfolk.

The torturers got a misdemeanor on their record. The wrestling coach who was the father to the torturers got a slap on the wrist and a contract renewal. The young man who was abused got further harassed at school as folks wore T-Shirts in support of the torturers. And the father of the abused boy had to find a new job after being given a REPRIMAND by the school board for letting the boys in question go unsupervised.

Sorry, sir… it was YOUR FAULT that your son was abducted and abused. 

Can you even begin to imagine this as something happening outside of a movie???

Brothers and sisters of the Ether, I give you Norwood, Colorado, where if you are a boy who is held against his will and raped with a pencil by some of your classmates, you and your family will be run out of town.

Norwood, Colorado, where the sons of the wrestling coach can abduct a classmate, rape him with a pencil, and have most of the community turn out to support them in the harassing of that family whose child they abducted and raped.

Norwood, Colorado, a real down home American community, true back bone of the midwest folks: farmers, ranchers, bullies, and a culture that condones torture.

Norwood, Colorado, where hazing that turns to kidnapping and molesting is supported by the townfolk.

Surely you want to move to Norwood as soon as possible and settle amongst such wonderful people?

Yeah… me neither.

What you have in this instance is the kind of city that Saints & Prophets would enter only soon after to leave. And such Folk of GOD would certainly shake the dust off of their feet lest any of that township’s pollution should be taken to the  next town over and offer spiritual contamination.

I am sure that somewhere in a such a town, you could find a few good people. I am sure that there is a good man called Lot there among the folks who harassed this particular family out of town.

If nothing else, the town of Norwood, Colorado, gives us a good example of what led the LORD to bring down a judgment on Sodom.. It was not the prevalence of homosexuality.

Rather, Sodom was judged so harshly because it was inhospitable and unneighborly. Things like the abduction and torture of a child were seen as everyday “boys will be boys, men will be men” kind of behavior.  

Who knew that rather than Las Vegas or Hollywood, the New Sodom would be a quaint little town like Norwood, Colorado?

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