Techno-Conspiracy and Control

A link here to a Big Think blog where Teddy Goff considers the power of technology in the Society of Control.

Okay… you caught me! He does not call it the Society of Control. I mean, maybe he knows the concept from Gilles Deleuze who was cutting-up and splicing together some thoughts form Michel Foucault and William S. Burroughs. Not sure.

But Goff’s considerations of what we might call “techno-conspiracy” is a good fit with Deleuze–and I suppose at this point my own–projections vis. the Society of Control. Here we would take Julian Assange a step forward with the rather important idea that conspiracy is not a conscious control but, like respiration (breathing), a rather unconscious or autonomic habit. Techno-conspiracy would be how we all breathe together the atmosphere of techno-scientific progress. Just like we do not need to know how to breathe, we really do not need knowledge to use the power offered by techno-science. We do not even need to be well-informed. We just need to grasp how to make-do with the next innovation.

As Control is about constantly modulating networks, the speed with which we adapt to the atmospheric changes in techno-science only supports dependency on the control network.

It is at the point we are aware of  how profound that dependency has become that we are offered the opportunity to perfect our own situation within the ever changing climate– to control for control, like a yogi or a daoist who develops knowledgable, decisive power over breathing.

Whatever technology comes and goes, the ability of a candidate or, for that matter, a brand to connect with people and show the people that they respect them and are about them and want to empower them is going to be increasingly important to the outcome because people aren’t going to tolerate anything less. There’s going to be a competitor who does respect that stuff and who does get that stuff.  

via All of Technology Conspires to Give Us a Richer Life, and That Won’t Change | In Their Own Words | Big Think.


  1. Loved your comparison of conspire to respiration. Inspiring 🙂
    Recently it occurred to me that technology drives culture, for better or worse, which I believe is a little of both.

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