Terriers: A Crime Show That’s Not About Dogs

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No one really watched Terriers, created by Ted Griffin in 2010, and I have no idea why. I recently watched it not knowing what to expect from the TV show, of course the name didn’t help to clarify. It is one of the best crime shows I have ever seen. It kept me laughing, crying, and in anticipation for what would happen next. I recently watched the entire show on Netflix, unfortunately FX cancelled it after only one season. Terriers follows two private investigators whose tragic pasts have brought them together. Hank, played by Donal Logue (Sons of Anarchy), was destroyed by the bottle, kicked off of the police force, and left by his wife. He saves his new partner Britt, played by Michael Raymond-James (Once Upon a Time), from a life a crime by starting an unlicensed private investigators business with him . They roam the streets of San…

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