Youth of America: Sign Up for Obamacare

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October 1st is very near. This is when many will be able to sign up for the Affordable Care Act‘s mandated healthcare exchanges.

Many on the Right want to see Millenials refuse to sign up for the health plans mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Here is the insanity: They want the youth to pay the fine or penalty that comes with not signing up. But this is not because they care about the youth. It is because they want the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) to fail.

So you are a Millennial who does not sign up and you just pay the penalty. But then, you get sick. Well, great. Guess what? Your penalty helped those who have health care but it will not help you.

  • Do not take a chance that your youth or your general good health will last.
  • Remember that you cannot just sign up anytime you like. There will be two brief enrollment periods per year. The very first one is coming up soon: October. The next will be in December.
  • Do not wait until you are sick. Just because you cannot be denied due to pre-existing condition(s), you still have to get in the exchanges during the enrollment period. Then there will be a short wait until the coverage kicks in.
  • The medical industrial complex is not your friend. If you do not have insurance, they only need give you enough basic treatement that you do not die. And that will only be in an Emergency Room which will bill you to the sky for it. And then send you on your way with instructions to see your regular doctor… who you cannot afford to see because you do not have health insurance.

I am asking my young friends to do this because they are seen as the prime target for uberconservatives. If the youth do not sign up, that makes the healthcare plan not work as well. It drives up costs because the only people on it are aging Gen-Xers and the now health-declining Boomers.

Many politicians on the Right are counting on Millennials to be slackers. I think more highly of you than that. Recent polls have shown that you do want to join.

Youth of America: The United States needs you and what will you get for acting on this? Healthcare. Help America build the healthcare system we should have fifty years ago. 

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This summer’s heated battles over the implementation of “Obamacare” are a microcosm of a much larger and longstanding ideological clash over the role of the government in society.

The hard-right is taking a scorched-earth approach, obstructing the law’s implementation by any means necessary and spinning the hiccups and glitches that are inevitable with any complex new system as an unmitigated disaster.

It’s a perfect example of a structural advantage enjoyed by politicians who rail against “big government”: they claim that government is, by definition, hopelessly inept and can’t do anything to improve people’s lives, and when they get into power they have the opportunity to obstruct, cause havoc and ultimately prove the claim.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration, officials in around half of the states and a network of the program’s supporters are desperate to get the new health insurance scheme up and running. It’s shaping up as a particularly ugly fight in an era that’s come to be defined by “crisis governance.”

via Understanding the Right’s Obamacare Obsession | Connecting the Dots, What Matters Today |


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