On the Inspiration of the Bible and other Books / Von der Interpretation der Bibel und anderer Bücher (unten)

A thoughtful address from a newly discovered brother in the Ether.

While I consider myself an anarchocynic daoist, I keep a sincere interest in the Christian Church and have made many wonderful new companions who think of themselves as progressive Christians.

This piece is one I would recommend to my good brothers and sisters of the Ether who have left the Church through an emotional severing, an Either/Or reaction that itself is born from a particular interpretation of the Bible.

As a philosopher–one directly descended from Karl Jaspers who was my mentor’s teacher–I recommend that folks not leave the faith of their youth until a decision can be made that transcends an emotion driven choice.



 Deutsche Version: Von der Interpretation der Bibel und anderer Bücher.

The Bible as a solid anchor?

Fundamentalists and more generally Evangelicals believe that if God exists and is interested in human affairs, He will give us an inerrant Bible where His nature is revealed in a consistent and trustworthy manner.

We are living in a very uncertain world and I am well aware that such a faith can bring a great comfort to quite a few people who have the feeling to have found an unshakable anchor.

But when clever and intellectually honest persons are confronted with undeniable Biblical contradictions, and above else with places where God is portrayed as  being an unjust tyrant, they will most often throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater and become resentful opponents of Christianity.

Such deconversion experiences often stem from the binary way their brain has been programmed to…

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