Saint Stephen The Ironist « The Dish

Some good points from Sullivan on Colbert as an example of what happens when one is capable of intelligence and irony while being a person of faith.

Andrew-Sullivan_the-dishIf I were to sum up the various forms of popular culture that I have come to love in this century, I’d say they both start from a place of total irony and yet express beyond it a deep, humane sincerity. Living in 2013 means living in a world saturated in knowingness, framed by quotation marks, awash in the mash-ups of post-everything fragments of a once-more coherent and uniform culture. There is no going back. But there are two core choices in this ironic age: to wallow in its relativist chaos, or to love it for what it says about our freedom in modernity and refuse to give in to cynicism or nihilism. Indeed to insist on the constant possibility of redemption in an agnostic, atheist as well as religious sense.

via Saint Stephen The Ironist « The Dish.


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