The World’s First Trillionaire

And the march to complete abyss between the richest and everyone else continues forward.

The Dish

Elliot Hannon wonders who it will be:

The two industries are best positioned to take a billionaire to the next level are technology and retail, for the same reason: Both use a global labor pool to make affordable products, inexpensive enough that workers can soon become the consumers of the products they are making. Of course, the tech industry is building on Internet infrastructure to create billionaires faster than ever. In October 2010, photo-sharing social network Instagram came into being; less than two years and a mere 13 employees later, Facebook snapped up the company for a cool billion.

A look at the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest shows that the rise of technology and telecommunications has made a big impact:

Mexico’s Carlos Slim, who vies with Gates for the top spot on global-richest lists, made the bulk of his fortune in telecom. Lurking just below these technology…

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