Quantum Theory & Nemetics

NEME: Notice (role of a spectator) – Engage -Mull – Exchange (role of a player).

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Bohr once remarked about old wisdom – “that when searching for harmony in life one must never forget that in the drama of existence, we are ourselves both players and spectators.”

That in essence, sums up Quantum Theory.

From this, it is rather obvious that complexity in our lives is only generated by the interactions of players and spectators.

Or in other words, it depends on the way we ‘see’ (spectator) and the way we play out on what we see. It is then about an individual and his or her relationship with oneself, the environment, other individuals and the world at large.

That is what the discipline of Nemetics is about – the individual as a player and spectator in search of harmony in life.

Therefore, it involves the stages of Notice (role of a spectator); Engage, Mull & Exchange (role of a player).

Hence a NEME is an…

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