The Reality of College Statistics – UnCollege

Even if you do everything you’re supposed to, there are so many variables at play, many of which you can’t control… The influence of any one of them can void the value of college for you.

What you can control are your intrinsic characteristics — work ethic, patience, ambition, resilience, etc. — that you bring to college or any other environment. These factors and what you choose to do with them determine your success. You can succeed or fail at many things whether you attend or don’t attend college.

So if your only strategy for success is to go to college and get a degree, you’re in for a big surprise come graduation. You will have a lot more control over your success if you focus on growing as a person — developing your attitude and gaining skills. Be autonomous, train yourself, learn from the people around you, and immerse yourself in your career and in the world.

via The Reality of College Statistics – UnCollege.


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