Moving Toward the Great Companion

O Thou Encompassing, thou All, thou One
Thou Beauty! Thou Truth! Thou Goodness!
Letting-go of Suffering. ceasing Frustration.
I come now-here: Waking up and opening out.
Moderation and Courage
Clear a place for Prudence
Fortitude and Justice
Build a dwelling for Wisdom
Let me take on the Piety of Thinking.
Let me develop the Duty of Liberation.
Come, O Beauty,
Lend thy clarity that I may experience the wholeness of this Great Order
Come O Truth
Lend thy lucidity that I may encounter the holiness of these Dear Fellows
Come O Goodness
Lend thy brilliance that I may engage the healthiness of my Ownmost Self.
Let me disclose my resolute purpose
In the Loving Struggle
Let me perfect my willingness in the face of uncertainty
Let me direct my will to find new questions
Engaging the Way, Doing without doing
Often passing yet always obtaining
Tranquility becomes my circumstance
And I shall move toward the Great Companion:
The Encompassing, the All, the One.

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